The polka-dot room...

That's where the ceiling fan will go.

There's that Bob guy doing work again.

Bob's parents visit from B.C. to see the pool (and also an
important political convention, in-between playing cards!!)


The pool bottom is formed of grout.

My dad inspects the liner as it goes in ...

And out again, ...

And back in again. (there was a wrinkle at the deep end, so that
end had to be cut off and re-built).
Hey, there is water going into the pool!!!


Bob is mucking about again. This time he has the crazy  idea that if he takes
a pair of speakers, water-proofs them,

glues them to the side of the pool, he will get in-pool sound.
Well, might as well let him try (you know he is mostly harmless).

Hey, this bent pipe had better get straightened BEFORE pouring
the concrete...

Whew, just in time. Here comes the concrete deck.
(P.S. that green tint to the water is from 'city' drinking water
from Merivale area.  Yes, you drink that. [I don't imagine
that our well water, in this large volume, would look much

The Sauna assembly.  The pieces ...

fits nicely there ...

The inside ...

Thank you Vanna.

Now, this should keep the kids busy for a while while we enjoy
the Sauna. (Yes, that is a VERY live 'baby' Jaguar. 8 months,
80 pounds. (um, lets see thats 35 kg??!!)


Ah, the hottub arrives.

Yeah, it is big.

Almost too big, or rather the door is almost too small.

Now all we need is water, and we are all set.