The pool with a view.

The view with  a pool.

The deep end.


The Family room taking shape - insulation  (Nov23)

Drywall  (Dec 7)

We're moved in!  (Dec 29)

The pool building gets a quilted coat of insulation. - Hey, where did the
swimming pool go - I guess it is under the basketball court.

Now, Who is that up there helping with the work in the "High-Wood"??!!
(It is Bob installing the hooks for attaching climbing rope or /monkey-bar frame)

One worker asked me:
worker: "How much is the foreman paying you to do this work?"
Bob:     "Actually I think I am paying him."
worker: "Pretty good deal for the foreman!!"

Oh, NO! Bob thinks that he is construction worker now, so ...
In the basement - the "Exercise Room".
"I think it needs some French doors, right about ...


Yup, they look good from the other side too.


The Front Entrance gets expanded - closets on both sides.

And I think this dark tile will look good in there.

Maybe with this tile Rosetta?

Eating Breakfast amongst the blueprints and construction.


Next, We move back in for Christmas!!

Or, on with more pool progress.