Our pool will be an indoor, in-ground pool shaped like an hour-glass.

It will be 54 feet long with a swim lane down the length.  The existing
screened-in porch that we had will be removed, and replaced by
a family room, which will lead to the pool through a double pair
of sliding glass patio doors.

Here are some photos of the progress. Some summary pictures on this
page, and links to pages with more pictures, because the detail pages
load slower.
(note: to see any one picture at larger size, right-click on picture and
use 'view image...')

The start - details on page 2

Before we started, the screened porch still on.

Indoors before we start any inside work.

Dawn of the digger.  Oct 13th


Oct 19 - The foundations of it all - page 3

Next, the progression . . .


Hey, who is that digging in our pool? . . .

The FIRST person swimming in out pool!!!

The pool takes shape, and we get our house inside back for Christmas!


More pool progress.


What's Next?? 'Tune in Next Week for the Continnnnnnuing Saga of  The Lawrence's Pool'